Solar Panic on Steam

Solar Panic is a first-person comedy adventure game. Follow a true story that we made up and explore exotic places filled with funny and/or stupid encounters. Wield top-notch gadgets and meet weird and socially awkward characters as you stumble upon a SERIOUS mystery.

Solar Panic: Utter Distress was made by four full-time developers and one trainee artist in two years. On Solar Panic, I was the designer, producer, director, Unity developer and writer. My duties included:

  • Designing the game, level concepts and the game mechanics
  • Writing the story, dialogue and characters
  • Making sure everything was on schedule, everyone was happy and knew what to do
  • Putting all the pieces together in Unity
  • Programming, AI, Navigation
  • Making the encounters in the game
  • Putting the game on Steam
  • Contacting press, publishers and content creators
  • Editing the trailers